Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 1.  What is the Youth Directory?

The Directory of Youth Development Organisations provides a central database of existing youth development oriented organisations within the confines of Ghana. A wide range of opportunities abound for respective organisations to collaborate in knowledge sharing, implementation of development projects, and provide assistance in fields and technical areas.

2.  Who qualifies to be in the Youth Directory?

All youth-focused groups and organisations qualify to be in the directory. This includes Non-Governmental Organisations, Community based organisations and groups, religious groups, who have youth as their prime focus. Organisations and groups that are partly into youth related activities, projects and programmes and those with an interest, but yet to implement or embark on any young people related activities, projects and programmes can apply to be on in the Directory.

3.  Can any youth group register to be in the Directory?

Youth groups that fall within the three outlined levels of the Directory can apply to be registered.

4.  What do I stand to benefit if I register my youth organisation or group in the Directory?

The Directory of Youth Organisations is the single platform that showcases all youth groups and organisations across the length and breadth of Ghana.

Presence in the Directory makes your organisation or group easily visible to potential donors, government ministries, department and agencies and other interest groups that use the register as the reference point for potential partners and implementers in various capacities.

5.  How do I register my youth organisation or group?

To register your organisation, go to the Register tab on the home page and click on Fill Form to begin the process. After providing all requested information, click on Submit to send the filled form to the Directory Administrator. The administrator will review and verify the information provided before the Directory is updated with details of your organisation or group.

6.  What happens if I apply to be registered but the thematic focus of my youth organisation or group is not captured in the list provided?

In filling the downloaded registration form, organisations or groups have the option of selecting as many as 5 thematic areas that reflect their work. As much as possible, you are encouraged to select the closest possible fields that you are working in.