Full Name of Organisations: HiSET/BDS
Postal Address: P. O Box KY1023
Physical Address (landmark): GE-158-7564
Telephone: 0207274999
Website (if any): https://frontpageconsult.wixsite.com/info
Head of Organisation/Group: Mr. Michael Ofori Asare
Contact Person's Name & Position: Executive Director
Contact Person's Phone: 0249222266
Organisation Description:

The BDS/HiSET initiatives were strategically crafted as the Corporate Social Responsibility arm of our company to invest in the youth, most especially high school students, across the country through skill development training and peer mentoring programs. The core aim of this training program is to enable the youth to identify their personalities and capabilities at an early stage to make them more focused.

The Training is basically in three parts:
Module 1 – Identifying one’s Personality
Module 2 – Memory/Brain Re-Activation
Module 3 – Business & Entrepreneurship.

This is a deliberate attempt to restructure, restore and rejuvenate their mindset so we will be excited to reach out to your old school, NGO event or religious youth.

Do not hesitate to message the team on partnership, book Speakers or invite us to partake in your event for FREE. We are also available to respond to your queries

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Year of Commencement of Operations: 2017
Main Funding Sources (tick as many as applies): Fundraising/Donations, Private Funds
Thematic Focus: Education, Training and Skills Development, Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Livelihoods, Participation in Society, Poverty Eradication and Socio-economic Integration of Youth
Region: Ashanti, Eastern, Greater Accra