Inspired Youth Foundation

Full Name of Organisations: Inspired Youth Foundation
Postal Address: P.O.Box 337 tema
Physical Address (landmark): Tamale
Telephone: 0544881511
Head of Organisation/Group: Alimemu Hamadu
Contact Person's Name & Position: Alimemu Hamadu
Contact Person's Phone: +2330544881511
Organisation Description:

Inspired Youth Foundation aims at creating awareness on the reproductive health of the youth of the Northern Region of Ghana in particular and the country as a whole in order to get healthy and productive leaders in the near future. This initiative was taken by group occupied students from the university for development studies(UDS) by visiting basic and senior high schools in the Northern Region to educate and guide them on their reproductive health issues.

Year of Commencement of Operations: 2018
Annual Budget: 2000
Main Funding Sources (tick as many as applies): Membership Dues, Donor Funding, Fundraising/Donations
Thematic Focus: Education, Health and Safety, Participation in Society, Sustainable Development and Protection of the Environment
Region: Northern