Integrated Youth Needs and Welfare

Integrated Youth Needs and Welfare
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Integrated Youth Needs and Welfare
Postal Address:
Box 419, Bolgatanga
Physical Address (landmark):
Behind Bolgatanga East District Assembly
Head of Organisation/Group:
Chief Issah Ibrahim
Contact Person's Name & Position:
Timothy A. Nsoh, Projects Coordinator
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Organisation Description:

The Integrated Youth Needs and Welfare (INTYON) is a registered youth, Children and women focused NGO based in BOLGATANGA. INTYON is legally registered as an NGO with the Registrar – General’s Department under the company’s act 179 (1963) with registration number G11, 996. The NGO is also registered with the Department of Social Welfare, National Youth Authority and permitted by the Regional Co-ordinating Council to operate in the Upper East Region. INTYON was established in 2003, by a former worker of National Youth Council now and Authority to bridge the gap that existed and help build the capacity and develop the skills of youth and women and it has since played a lead role in Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Education and training of Peer Educators in the Upper East Region. As a member of the coalition of NGO’s in Health, GHANET and other networks, INTYON has been a key ally in the design and implementation of sexual and reproductive health programmes in the Upper East Region and beyond.
INTYON is dedicated to the welfare, healthy growth and development of children; youth aged 9 to 32 years and women.
INTYON intends to become a home for young people to access information and services for their healthy development.
• To provide Sexual Reproductive Health Education to Youth in Schools and Communities
• Sensitize youth and society on HIV/AIDS/STI’S, Tuberculosis, Malaria and other Health issues.
• To promote Economic Empowerment initiatives among the youth and women in rural Communities.
• To provide appropriate training to young people and women on issues that affects them in order to enhance their skills to fend for themselves.
 Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health
 Health Promotion
 Economic Empowerment for Women and Youth.
 Skills Training for women and youth.
 Career counselling
 Community Mobilization and Advocacy
 Drug and Substance Abuse
 Governance (Women and Youth)
 Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)
 Environment and Climate Change
 Child Rights, Protection and Advocacy
 Peace Building Initiative
 Early/Child Marriage Prevention
 Human Trafficking Prevention

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Dept. of Social Welfare Registration Number:
DSW 3672
Dept. of Social Welfare Registration Date:
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Main Funding Sources (tick as many as applies):
Donor Funding
Thematic Focus:
Conflict Prevention, Education, Training and Skills Development, Employment, Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Livelihoods, Girls and Young Women, Health and Safety, Human Rights and Law Enforcement, Religious and Cultural Activities, Media and Information and Communication Technologies, Mentally and Physically Challenged Youth, Participation in Society, Decision-making and Governance, Poverty Eradication and Socio-economic Integration of Youth, Sustainable Development and Protection of the Environment
Upper East
  • Certificate of Incorporation