Bok Africa Concern

Bok Africa Concern
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Bok Africa Concern
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Postal Address:
P. O. Box SY458 Sunyani, New Biadan , Berekum, Bono Region
+233278657690 / +233206867954
Head of Organisation/Group:
Benson Osei-Savio Boateng
Contact Person's Name & Position:
Benson Osei-Savio Boateng
Contact Person's Phone:
+233278657690 / +233206867954
Organisation Description:

BOK AFRICA CONCERN is a legally registered Non-Governmental Organization set up to design and develop projects and programmes, implement actions to ensure social justice and sustainable world by promoting Green Economy, Gender, Inclusiveness, Agriculture, Youth Empowerment and rural development.

VISION: A world where differences in social structure means an alternative for diversified livelihood.

MISSION: To empower people for a dignified sustainable living.

1. To develop human resource capacity for sustainable world.
2. To promote Green Economy for sustainable living.
3.To empower the youth for a productive life through creative orientation, education and TVET.
4. To support active agricultural development.
5. To ensure gender development.
6. To actively participate in rural development.
7. To promote inclusion and social justice.
8. To actively assist victims of emergencies.
9. To engage in advocacy and awareness campaigns.

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Donor Funding
Thematic Focus:
Education, Training and Skills Development, Employment, Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Livelihoods, Girls and Young Women, Health and Safety, Participation in Society, Poverty Eradication and Socio-economic Integration of Youth, Sustainable Development and Protection of the Environment
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