Community Youth Development Foundation

Community Youth Development Foundation
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Community Youth Development Foundation
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Post Office Box 68, Kintampo. Bono East. Ghana
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Ghana Highways Authority Yard, Oposite Collage of Health, Kintampo. Bono East Region
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Emmanuel Kwashie Fugah
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Kingsley Kofi Nignere
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Cultivate in our target audience mostly the youth, women and children Positive attitudinal and behavioural changes for holistic living and national development.
Strategizing and delivering of quality services to mankind and working in partnership with other like-minded groups and individuals to provide relief, rehabilitation through education, Advocacy, Counselling and self-reliance activities within target beneficiary communities for the alleviation of poverty.
Community Youth Development Foundation (CYDEF) aims at reducing poverty by empowering young people, women and children to effect strategic changes in the rural communities across the country. It also ensure to meet the needs of children and young women’s health and education among others

CYDEF has over the years embarked on series of activities that helped in developing and improving the lot of the rural poor. Over 200 Health workers and Volunteers’ capacity were built and strengthened in many fields of their endeavours. More than 100,000 people benefited from its community development programmes and sustainable delivery efforts.
These includes Malaria, HIV and AIDS, TB sensitization, Care and Support for PLHIV and OVCs. CYDEF as well trained more than 150 people in Beekeeping, Snail rearing, Mushroom production, fish farming. It assisted many communities to establish forestation in an effort at reducing climate change and its effects on nature.
CYDEF’s area of operation are as follows:- Bono East, Bono, Ahafo Regions: Kintampo North and South, Nkoranza North and South, Goaso and Wenchi; Northern Region -Central Gonja district; Volta Region:-Keta Municipal and North Tongnu and Easten: Akuse area with it
Headquarters at Kintampo in the Bona East region of Ghana.

The projects/programmes areas 1. Health and its’ related issues, 2. Gender and Advocacy
3. Good Governance and Human Rights, 4. Conflict Management, 5.Rights of the Child
6. Youth Development, 7. Education, 8. Environment/Climate Change, 9. Agriculture
10. Social Accountability, 11. Voluntary service providers

The Organization have 7 board members, 11 staff and 60 volunteers across board who assist in facilitating its Visions, Mission statements, core values and strategic objectives to come to reality
.CYDEF is affiliated to number of Networks/Coalitions, Public organizations and NGOs across the country
1.To reduce poverty among rural people through advocacy programmes and to vigorously ensure gender issues which border on domestic and other issues that affect women, children and the vulnerable.
2.To promote Environmental issues, health educational programmes on all manner of health as well as Water & Sanitation and development issues within the country.
3.To fight against HIV/AIDS, Malaria, TB and other Health related issues among the people most especially PLHIV
CYDEF currently helping to train about 2000 people including the youth, PWDs and women in mushroom production in the Nkoranza North district in the Bono East region. The project is sponsored by European Union

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KDA 119
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Membership Dues, Donor Funding, Fundraising/Donations, Other
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Conflict Prevention, Education, Training and Skills Development, Employment, Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Livelihoods, Girls and Young Women, Health and Safety, Human Rights and Law Enforcement, Mentally and Physically Challenged Youth, Decision-making and Governance, Sustainable Development and Protection of the Environment
Brong Ahafo, Northern, Volta