International Model Diplomats for Integrated Development

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International Model Diplomats for Integrated Development
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P. O. Box KU 252
Kojo Beedu, Winneba
Central Region, Ghana
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NHIS Street, Abeka Post Office, Abeka Lapaz, Accra – Ghana
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Gilbert Reinall Addo
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Gilbert Reinall Addo, Executive Director
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IMDID is a non-profit corporation that was created in 2014 to maintain and administer youth mentorship and development programs. We sponsor guest speakers and panel discussion on current international issues, help train Model Diplomats at various high schools, universities and communities, and create other projects for the diplomatic upbringing of the youth, seeking other mechanisms through which we can become better corporate citizens and develop human capacities to unleash the potential of individuals. At IMDID, we are guided by the speed principles of Creativity, Professionalism, Humanism, Adding Values and Commitment, which define our organizational values, and form the base of our culture and social activism. Over the years, we have oriented series of plans to promote rapid socio-economic development. Thus we are well-positioned to help the youth. At our Global Youth Diplomacy Conference (GYDC), youths from across the globe play the role of foreign diplomats and participate in simulated sessions of the United Nations General Assembly, and other multilateral bodies in the UN system, as well as the African Union, European Union, which is a foundation to develop young adults in leadership skills and research, writing, public speaking and problem-solving skills that would be essential in a life-time and for diplomacy. Participating in IMDID Conferences encourages consensus building, conflict resolution and cooperation and the enhancement of leadership skills. Many of the world’s leaders in law, government, business and the arts participated in Model UN programs during their youth.

Participants in IMDID Conferences, known as model diplomats/delegates, are placed in committees and assigned countries, or occasionally other organizations or political figures, where they represent members of that body.

MISSION: To provide innovative educational opportunities to the youth for better
understanding of their role in issues of global and domestic civil society and to encourage awareness, tolerance and acceptance of the world’s people, cultures, beliefs, attitudes and values by organizing or promoting conferences and international forums.

VISION: By modelling the United Nations and other international organizations, we
encourage knowledge of international affairs, research, understanding of parliamentary
the procedure, analytical reasoning, problem-solving, negotiation, oral and written
presentation of ideas and professionalism, by working as a team, we strive to prepare our youth for the future.

a. To identify, promote and network global-minded youths regardless of their gender, ability or disability, culture, beliefs or political affiliation.

b. To train and network model diplomats so they can harness economic opportunities and develop their careers.

c. To establish a platform where members add value to each other, where dreamers are raised and promoted, where dreams are revived and people are helped to discover their purpose, where leaders are raised and young adults are supported and networked.

d. To increase awareness and boost interest and confidence in international affairs.

e. To offer a helping hand to the vulnerable and less privileged in the society by training
them to gain entrepreneurial skills through other mechanisms.

f. Capacity strengthening; build technical capacity of individual youth in development.

g. Policy research and advocacy; undertake policy research, lobby and advocacy on
issues of interest to individual diplomat and the general public.

h. Linking, collaboration and networking; facilitate sharing and flow of information among model diplomats, linkages with other institutions and build relationships that
add value to the organization.

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GHC 193,200.00
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Education, Training and Skills Development, Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Livelihoods, Health and Safety, Decision-making and Governance
Ashanti, Central, Greater Accra