Starlet Girls Club

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Starlet Girls Club
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Perfect Anette Agbemabiese
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Perfect Anette Agbemabiese
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To be the most solicited for girls club in Ghana which provides girls with information, advice, support and counselling concerning various issues which influence their future. The club seeks to create a life moulding avenue to equip young ones develop their voice, influence and place in society in order to reach their full potentials.
Our mission is to strengthen the voice, abilities and leadership skills of young girls to overcome challenges and make empowered decisions for a brighter future.

Our aim is to always provide high quality services that contribute to the personal and social wellbeing of girls from the age of 13years and above which can be achieved by helping them: *build self-confidence and self esteem and have the ability to express their own reasoned opinions
* develop the ability to manage personal and social relationships
* develop lifestyle habits towards their overall wellbeing
* build capacity to consider risk, make reasonable decisions and take control
* develop a world view which widens their horizon and invite social commitment.
The values , attitudes and skills we hope to instil in the girls which falls in line with the New Standard-Based Curriculum for basic Schools in Ghana include:
*creative thinking
*emotional and social intelligence
The main pillars which the program seeks to focus on include:
* Personality development sessions
* Talent Development sessions
* Counselling services to members with challenging emotional and psychological disorders * Health, Fitness and lifestyle coaching
* Sexual Health, Substance Abuse and Violence Talks
Resource persons and experts in relevant fields will help deal with various issues which affect their total wellbeing, directly or indirectly. We will hold seminars, one on one sessions, role-play activities, classes, field trips, etc which will focus around the thematic areas.

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Membership Dues, Fundraising/Donations, Private Funds
Thematic Focus:
Conflict Prevention, Education, Training and Skills Development, Girls and Young Women, Health and Safety, Juvenile Delinquency, Human Rights and Law Enforcement, Leisure, Recreation, Sportive, Participation in Society, Decision-making and Governance, Sustainable Development and Protection of the Environment
Greater Accra