Global Alliance For Youth Leaders

Global Alliance For Youth Leaders
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Global Alliance For Youth Leaders
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P. O. Box MC 3506
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7k, Spio Avenue, Queen of Peace Inside Anaji – Takoradi / Ghana
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Romeo Addai- Boateng Akoto (Global President)
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Global Alliance for Youth Leaders (GAYL) was formed soon after finishing a leadership training organized by Commonwealth Youth program (CYP) in 2013 under the Discovering Young Leaders Program (DYLP). It comprises of grandaunts from the different classes that come from different countries in the commonwealth region to help spread the knowledge they had attained in their training as well as contributing to social, economic and political development.
Situation analysis
young people are increasingly acting as the agents of change in society, calling for institutions that are more responsive not only to their needs, but to national or global concerns, and providing the energy, creative ideas and determination to drive reform. However, youths in general are disproportionately affected by extreme poverty, unemployment, social exclusion, and lack of access to education. In addition, there are limited policy interventions which address youth issues. In a survey conducted by the United Nations Inter-Agency Network on Youth Development (IANYD) during July and August 2012, 13,000 young people from 186 countries identified the following challenges that hinder their participation in development:

• Limited opportunities for effective participation in decision-making processes.
• Lack of participatory structures for young people at the community and national level.
• Lack of trust between youth and government institutions and political parties.
• Lack of capacity development for youth and youth organizations.
• Lack of commitment and support toward young people

As GAYL our vision lies on the positive interventions that would help youths in all countries mainly the majority of marginalized and powerless groups that are victims of challenges facing the youths. GAYL is committed to equipping youth, youth leaders, youth entrepreneurs and youth stakeholder with the skills, tools and support that they require to serve as change agent’s so that they can impact change projects in their countries, company and communities.

To have empowered youths who shall impact their communities, through participation leadership in political, social and economic development.
1. Enhance meaningful participation of youths in various sectors of development
2. To educate and empower youths for leadership
3. To foster participation of youth leadership
4. Increased access to information and behavior change interventions materials and resources for leaders and upcoming leaders
5. Call for increase youth elected into political office in each country
Methodology and strategy
GAYL’s activities centers on governance and leadership and GAYL shall achieve the objectives through implementation of a set of activities towards realizing its goal. GAYL’s methodology and strategy shall center on
1. Capacity development training programmes for youth, youth leaders, social entrepreneurs, youth business owners, youth managers and employees. The areas of training will include personality and employability skill development, entrepreneurial skills and development, personal and organizational leadership, project management, youth decision and governance, succession and retirement planning for youth leaders and entrepreneurs, business ethics and talent management
2. Advocacy through Girls education which shall lobby for girls empowerment and access to education without limitations and boundaries and “I know myself “campaign which shall be a personality and personal identity advocacy campaign
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Donor Funding, Other
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Education, Training and Skills Development, Human Rights and Law Enforcement, Religious and Cultural Activities, Mentally and Physically Challenged Youth, Decision-making and Governance, Poverty Eradication and Socio-economic Integration of Youth, Sustainable Development and Protection of the Environment, Other
Brong Ahafo, Eastern, Greater Accra, Western