Reality Ghana

Reality Ghana
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Reality Ghana
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Postal Address:
Agotime Kpetoe
Physical Address (landmark):
Near Agotime Senior High School
Head of Organisation/Group:
Vozbeth Kofi Azumah
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Organisation Description:

Reality Ghana is a Non-Governmental Organization that seeks to complement Government efforts in poverty and hunger alleviation in Ghana.

The Organisation is registered under the companies’ code with registration number CG049382016 as a company limited by guarantee.

Our vision as an organization is linked with the United Nations Sustainable Development
Goals 1 & 2 which is “To End poverty in all forms and No hunger” by 2030. Ghana is
blessed with fertile lands to feed her growing population and serve as the food hub of West Africa, however, in reality it is not so.

The country’s Agriculture sector is facing decline in recent years, as well as methods adopted in production by smallholder farmers are not modern. This has resulted to food becoming too expensive and the over reliance on food importation to feed it growing population.

It is of this reason that the organization was formed.

Vision Statement:
Reality Ghana seeks to play a leading role in alleviating poverty and hunger in Ghana through promoting of initiatives in Agriculture and Industrialization.

Mission Statement:
To provide resources, extension, training, consultancy services to the Ghanaian smallholder farmers in areas of Agriculture. To establish farms and industries to create jobs as well as to
offer support in education through the awards of scholarships. To initiate programs and projects pursuant to achieving the vision of the organization

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Main Funding Sources (tick as many as applies):
Private Funds
Thematic Focus:
Training and Skills Development, Employment, Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Livelihoods, Poverty Eradication and Socio-economic Integration of Youth, Sustainable Development and Protection of the Environment