SpreadAid International

SpreadAid International
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SpreadAid International
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University of Ghana
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Julius Faith Dzabletey
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Julius Faith Dzagbletey
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Spread Aid International is a student based NGO that has its main focus on kids and seeks to “Put smiles back on the faces”. SpreadAid International undertakes various projects every year including visits to deprived communities, organizing conferences and seminars to build up its members and youth. The major project for the year 2016 is “Project 5000” which looks at distributing exercise books , ministry materials and learning and playing materials to schools and students in deprived communities. So far, 7 schools throughout the various regions in the country have been visited and over 1380 lives have been imparted. Conferences have been organized for the youths which has yielded progressive results.

Our Vision is ‘Putting Back Smiles on Faces’

We hope to :
1. Unearth leaders through conferences, workshops and seminars aimed at bringing out the talents in the youth for self and national development
2. Homing the ‘less privileged’ and Street children through visits to Children Homes to make donations and also spend time to communicate with them.
3. Improving Teaching and Learning Methodologies in elementary schools through the use of inexpensive materials to make learning more practical and appreciable.

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Juvenile Delinquency, Poverty Eradication and Socio-economic Integration of Youth
Greater Accra