Youth Alliance for Development

Youth Alliance for Development
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Youth Alliance for Development
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Post Office Box 827
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Africana Lodge, Dove House Off Government Hospital Road Post Office Box 827 Obuasi
233 322 540450/ 233 246 486740
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Ali Tanti Robert
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Ali Tanti Robert Director
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Youth Alliance for Development (YAD) is a Youth led-Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) which is Non Partisan and non Profit. Youth Alliance is registered under the Company’s Code of Ghana (Act 179) of 1963 with registered number (CGOO1862012) and has its head office in Obuasi in the Ashanti region. The foundation seeks to engage young people in good governance and inculcate in them the principle of ethical and responsible leadership. We seek to create a platform to confront the numerous challenges of the youth through the sharing of experiences, ideas, expertise and best practices through visits and interactions that will provide the basis for ending the cycle of hopelessness and poverty among the youth. When this is done, we believe the youth will be able to crawl out of their comfort zones and realize the fullness of what the world have for them.

The youth who form the majority of the country’s population also constitute the engine of the nation. There are organizations, individuals and youth who are devoting time, energy and resources to making changes in their communities in our country today. However most young people today are confronted with a myriad of challenges and there is no doubt that they have suffered a fundamental disconnect from their cultural heritage as a result of inadequate institutions to manage them and the absence of a deliberate coherent national policy to incorporate the contributions of the youth to national development. The real task of the future is devoting our energies in building and nurturing responsible youths who will be able to take up challenges and contribute meaningfully to the development of the country.
It is out of this passionate commitment, genuine devotion and dedication to the development of the youth that Youth Alliance for Development is established.


Youth Alliance for Development exist to promote Youth empowerment and development through the provision of Education, Training, Research, and Evidence based Advocacy to enable them become responsible citizens contributing meaningfully to national development discourse.


Youth Alliance for Development will become a Youth centred organisation committed to the empowerment of the Youth and other marginalised people to enable them contribute to the development aspirations of Ghana.

The operating philosophies and principles that guide the internal conduct of Youth Alliance as well as its relationship with the external world are very important.
Our core values are as follow;
• Respect
• Desire for Excellence
• Integrity
• Honesty
• Accountability
• Transparency

• To adopt best practices and methodologies to empower the youth for national development.
• To equip the youth to identify their potentials and contribute to national development.
• To inculcate in the youth Ghanaian norms, values, self esteem and community spirit.
• To provide the platform for the harmonisation of existing policies, programmes and activities aimed at meeting the hopes and aspirations of the Ghanaian youth.

• Education, training and skills Development
• Environment and Natural Resource Management
• Health (HIV/AIDS, Reproductive Health, Malaria, Infant and Child Health, Maternal Health etc)
• Governance, Democracy, leadership, Conflict prevention and peace building
• Entrepreneurial Development and Alternative Livelihood development
• Human Right issues
• Gender Mainstreaming
• Art and Culture, Sports and Recreation

• Capacity building
• Community Mobilisation
• Outreach programmes in schools and communities
• Alternative livelihoods
• Advocacy
• Research
• Policy Analysis
• Media Campaign

• Youth groups
• Associations/Clubs
• Students at all levels
• Civil society groups
• Women
• People with Disability
• Children
• Business community
• Community leaders
• Media Organisations

• National Youth Authority
• Coalition of Youth Development Organisations in Ghana (COYDOG)
• Publish What You Pay (PWYP) Ghana
• Tax Justice Network
• Voices of Youth Coalition
• District and Municipal Assemblies
• Association for Youth and Environment Development (DR. Congo &France)
• Network for African Youths for Development (NAYD)
• Africa Youth Union (AYU)

Office Location: Sennet Hotel, Kwabrafoso, Obuasi
Email:[email protected]
[email protected]
Face book: alliance for development
Website: www.youth alliance for (soon)

• Obuasi Municipal
• Adansi South District
• Adansi North District
• Amansie East
• Amansie West
• Amansie Central
• Kumasi Metro
• National

The operations of Youth Alliance shall have a national character and will form a strategic alliance and get internationally oriented in the course of time. Youth Alliance will be having offices in all the ten regions of Ghana. This is to be achieved by the end 2025.
Presently, the head Office or the headquarters can be located in Obuasi in the Ashanti region.

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Annual Budget:
20000 Dollars
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Thematic Focus:
Education, Training and Skills Development, Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Livelihoods, Girls and Young Women, Participation in Society, Decision-making and Governance, The Diaspora
Ashanti, Central, Greater Accra