Ayirebi Youth Association

Full Name of Organisations:
Ayirebi Youth Association
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Postal Address:
Post Office Box 610, Akim Oda, E/R, Ghnana
Physical Address (landmark):
Akyem Ayirebi via Oda, Eastern Region
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Head of Organisation/Group:
Nketia Alexander
Contact Person's Name & Position:
Alexander Nketia (Co-founder)
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Organisation Description:

Ayirebi Youth Association was formed to bring the youth and adults who are young at heart from Akyem land together to deliberate and solve issues concerning the community, seek the welfare of the future leaders in Ayirebi and mother Ghana. Together we build, divided we fall.

• Bringing the youth of Ayirebi and the entire Akyem land together to have a common voice on issues concerning the community.
• Educating the youth about the roles they can play towards the development of the community and mother Ghana.
• Creating the platform on which people can contribute towards the development of the community.
• Helping to nurture leaders for the near future.
• To build the sense of belonging (patriotism) in the youth of Akyem land.

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Membership Dues, Donor Funding, Fundraising/Donations, Other
Thematic Focus:
Conflict Prevention, Education, Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Livelihoods, Health and Safety, Human Rights and Law Enforcement, Sportive, Media and Information and Communication Technologies, Participation in Society, Decision-making and Governance, Poverty Eradication and Socio-economic Integration of Youth, Sustainable Development and Protection of the Environment
Eastern, Greater Accra