Make a Difference Youth Charity Network, Ghana

Full Name of Organisations: Make a Difference Youth Charity Network, Ghana
Type of Organisation/Group:
Postal Address: Holy Cross
Box 351,
Physical Address (landmark): Holy Cross Parish – Choggu
Telephone: 020458380
Website (if any): N/A
Head of Organisation/Group: Atuimah Valerius
Contact Person's Name & Position: Chief Executive Officer
Contact Person's Phone: 0205458380
Organisation Description:

Make a Difference Youth Charity Network, Ghana is a youth led non-governmental organization made up of volunteering youth across the country.

To become a youth volunteering network that provides a platform for the youth to learn, socialize, and successfully channel their youthful energies into charitable and socially profitable causes.

• Improve the quality of education by carrying out educational activities/projects that will educate, Inform and entertain. Thereby reducing the rates of school drop outs and making learning fun.
• Advocate on Human rights, Personal, General and Environmental Health, Road safety, Reproductive Health rights, HIV and other forms by partnering with appropriate agencies.
• Empower the needy, disaster struck and deprived in society by the provision of basic amenities like food, shelter, clothing, and educational materials etc. from donations and organized fund raising projects.
• Partner in the moral upbringing of the youth by organizing free counseling and guidance seminars

Key Activities
* Donating educational materials, clothes, etc to deprived schools
* Organize educational programs and projects that improve the quality of education within Northern Ghana.
*Organize free counseling service seminars

Organisation Registration Number: CG143432015
Organisation Registration Date: 11/02/2015
Dept. of Social Welfare Registration Number: N/A
CBO Registration Number: N/A
Year of Commencement of Operations: 2015
Annual Budget: N/A
Main Funding Sources (tick as many as applies): Membership Dues, Donor Funding, Fundraising/Donations
Thematic Focus: Education, Health and Safety, Media and Information and Communication Technologies
Region: Northern