The 40 Roses Foundation

The 40 Roses Foundation
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The 40 Roses Foundation
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CT 368, Cantonments, Accra, Ghana
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No. 15. Shippi Link, East Cantonments. Accra, Ghana.
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Ms. Penelope Jones-Mensah
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Ms. Angelina Akakpo, Program Coordinator
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The 40 Roses Foundation is a uniquely designed initiative that links 40 accomplished professional women mentors with 40 girls from underprivileged backgrounds in partnership to help transform their lives. We believe in our power as individuals and as collectives to help girls from disadvantage families break their cycle of poverty and exclusion to build better future for themselves, their families and their communities. We firmly believe that regardless of their socio-economic underprivileged situation, these girls have unlimited potential and have the ability to change their situation when provided with adequate opportunity and support. The foundation serves as a network for ongoing support, mentoring and opportunity, to girls who otherwise lack such opportunities- to fulfill their full potential.


Established in 2012, The 40 Roses Foundation was initiated in honour of Mrs. Penelope Jones-Mensah Mawuenyega’s 40th anniversary. To whom much is given, much is expected and this project was initiated as a bold act of giving back. Recognizing that her success today as a lawyer, mother and a businesswoman is possible because of the sacrifices and investment of many others before her, Mrs. Mawuenyaga conceived this project to give other girls the same opportunities.

She recognizes that she was able to freely access education as a girl without legal, economic and cultural hindrances because some before her fought against traditions that dictated the woman’s place to be the kitchen and boldly stood-up for girl-child education. She recognizes that she has greater opportunity for economic self-reliance as an African woman today, because some remarkable women before her have paved the way and have shown by their exemplary accomplishments that women can succeed and excel economically.

Owing to the sacrifices and investments of many women she can today enjoy greater opportunities to thrive- professionally, socially and economically- and she is committed to making it her mission to expand these opportunities to the least privileged girls in our society.


MISSION: The 40 Roses Foundation strives to harness the power of successful women professionals to educate, mentor and empower socio-economically challenged girls with academic promise to enable them fulfill their full potential. We firmly believe that the empowered girl has the power to impact her generation and change her future, and that we can support her do so.

VISION: We envision a future where socio-economically disadvantaged girls thrive- with dignity and opportunity for fulfilled potential.


With the ultimate goal of empowering and transforming the lives of 40 most underprivileged young Ghanaian girls, the foundation is committed to the following objectives:

Mobilize 40 highly accomplished women and harness their experiences and resources to motivate, educate and empower 40 Ghanaian girls who would otherwise not have such opportunities.

INVEST: to invest in long-term mentoring, education and opportunities for socio-economically disadvantaged Ghanaian girls to enable them build a better future for themselves.

TRANSFORM: To help the selected girls transform their lives from poverty, exclusion and lack of opportunity to meaningful, productive and fulfilling lives.

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Education, Training and Skills Development, Girls and Young Women
Greater Accra, Northern, Upper West, Volta