Reach Out to Future Leaders Movement

Reach Out to Future Leaders Movement
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Reach Out to Future Leaders Movement
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Goil down, Bake-Gblofe, B3/91, Ho
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Volta Region
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Alfred Godwin Adjabeng
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Executive Director
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Reach Out to Future Leaders Movement (ROFLM) is a registered youth-led organization in Ghana  that seeks to provide a platform for young people to be educated for local development action. ROFLM adopts a community-based grassroots approach to partner young people as change agents in their respective communities. Our primary focus is Youth in Civic Engagement, Youth in Community Development and Leadership Development.
ROFLM-GHANA operates a curriculum based on the three themes: Educate, Empower and Engage. We provide Education on critical-thinking, skills acquisition in basic technological tools for communication. We Empower them by creating citizenship awareness that puts them up as change agents to deal with their own local community challenges. We Engage them by providing them with the necessary tool kits and concepts to enable them commit the education and empowerment for action.

To see a more proactive and vibrant youth that seeks to focus their strength as critical thinkers and problem solvers to create an effective, operative and independent community that meets its own needs

To Educate, Empower and Engage young people in implementing visionary solutions to communal challenges

A Community in which young people are actively engaged towards its development
A Community that seek to integrate young people in their developmental agenda
A Community in which young people are provided a platform to contribute their quota to development as it also seeks to nurture their potentials

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Donor Funding, Fundraising/Donations
Thematic Focus:
Education, Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Livelihoods, Poverty Eradication and Socio-economic Integration of Youth, Sustainable Development and Protection of the Environment
Greater Accra, Northern, Upper West, Volta