Health-Aid Youth Club

Health-Aid Youth Club
Full Name of Organisations: Health-Aid Youth Club
Type of Organisation/Group:
Postal Address: PMB, SABOBA-N/R
Physical Address (landmark): RADIO GAAKII ROAD
Telephone: +233 203831344/+233 541596691
Website (if any):
Head of Organisation/Group: Diego Manzoni
Contact Person's Name & Position: Jutta Tibe Kombian (Youth Coordinator)
Contact Person's Phone: 020 383 1344 / 054 159 6691
Organisation Description:

The aim of Health-Aid Youth Club, HAYC, is to educate school children of the Saboba District in matters of health promotion and disease prevention. The Youth Club,through its activities will share knowledge of disease prevention of which will spread through the villages and the schools of the Saboba District, ultimately helping to reduce mortality and morbidity from preventable communicable disease.


The Health-Aid Youth Club exist to provide basic health education to the rural deprived.

To deliver education and support to the rural deprived communities to ensure equity in terms of health and education in the rural communities this will lead to an empowered and healthy society.

Health Education in the following topics:
1. HIV and AIDS/ STDs
2. Nutrition
3. Sanitation
4. Malaria
5. Hepatitis B Virus
6. Dental Care
7. SOlar DISinfection (SODIS)
8. Computer Education
9.Library Project for school children
10.Clean up activities, Quizzes etc

Organisation Registration Number: N/A
Dept. of Social Welfare Registration Number: N/A
CBO Registration Number: N/A
Year of Commencement of Operations: 2006
Annual Budget: GHS 3500
Main Funding Sources (tick as many as applies): Membership Dues, Private Funds
Thematic Focus: Education
Region: Northern